List of Delhi Dynamos Potential signings this season

Delhi Dynamos have only announced three foreign signings this season namely last year's goalkeeper Toni Doblas, former Chennaiyan FC midfielder Bruno Pelissari and the Brazilian winger Marcelinho. The squad is in England for their pre-season, and the fans in India are still wondering Who their foreign signings would be?

 Delhi has been doing everything so secretly that sometimes fans start to question,  But our president Prashant Aggarwal on his twitter account has been telling the fans to be patient and that the announcements of some legendary players would be coming soon.

So, I decided to do some research, to try and find out about some of the players who could sign for us this season. Honestly, Google Baba had no answers, so I took the other way. I went to Our President Prashant Aggarwal's Twitter account for answers and I got some names!!

Our President only follows 135 people, out of which I found some players who, according to me had no chance of being followed by our President unless they've had some talks or shared some interests with each other.

Our president Follows Florent Malouda, Roberto Carlos, Sergineho Greene, Hans Mulder, Ian Hume, Bruno Pelissari, Vinicius, Toni Doblas, Anas Edathodika, Elano Blumer and some other football players which seem totally understandable. But the players I am about to list here fit into the category of an ISL signing and are not too happy with their clubs. Furthur, our president also follows Kostas Kasturanes who (according to news reports) he tried to sign as a marquee last season but the league denied that request.

Before I start naming them one by one I would like to admit that I could be sooo wrong with all this, but we have reasons to suspect. Further, I invite you guys to do your research and correct me if I'm wrong.

Some of the players on this list are very high profile but as our President tweeted about "Legends" I am led to believe it's possible.

Let's Start with the most obvious players

Florent Malouda and Richard Gadze

As I stated in my previous article the fact that both of the above-mentioned players are contracted to Delhi Dynamos and most likely to play for them.

And then we have

Freddy Adu


Freddy is a 27 year old American forward, Who was once considered to be Americas wonder kid and now plays for  Tampa Bay Rowdies in North American Soccer League.

Fredy Guarín



 Fredy Alejandro Guarín Vásquez born 30 June 1986 is a Colombian professional footballer who plays for Chinese club Shanghai Greenland Shenhua FC. A versatile player, he is comfortable as a central, defensive or right midfielder.



 Anderson Hernanes de Carvalho Viana Lima (born 29 May 1985), known as Hernanes (Brazilian Portuguese: [eʁˈnɐ̃niʃ]), is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays for Serie A club Juventus as a central midfielder.


Danilo D'Ambrosio

 Danilo D'Ambrosio (born 9 September 1988) is an Italian professional footballer who plays as a full back for Internazionale.

The Three Big Marquee Possibilities

Samuel Eto'o



 Former Real Madrid and FC Barcelona striker Samuel Eto'o Fils ( born 10 March 1981) is a Cameroonian professional footballer who plays as a striker for Turkish club Antalyaspor. He is the most decorated African player of all time, having won the African Player of the Year award a record four times: in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2010. He was third in the FIFA World Player of the Year award in 2005. Looking at current cicumstances he is most likely to be our marjuee.


Seems to enjoy his life in America, at this point, I am allowing my imagination to run wild. Most probably Prashant Agarwal is just a fan.

Mario Balotelli

At this point I am just throwing a dart in the dark and hoping it hits the bullseye. Unless our president is a big fan of him, there's a reason behind  him being followed. Maybe, I am getting too ambitious but Who Knows? Ans: Prashant Agarwal.

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