Richard Gadze and Florent Malouda to return to Delhi Dynamos!!

Florent Malouda and Richard Gadze are set to return to the Den, the two have been the top assister and the joint top scorer respectively for Delhi Dynamos last season.

Richard Gadze's Loan spell ends on 31st October!

Richard Gadze's Loan spell to HJK ends on 31st Oct, Confirmed!
Some news reports suggested that Richard Gadze was on loan for a whole year and some stated the loan spell will end after December this year, which raised the question whether Gadze will return to Delhi this season or not but the picture seems to have cleared now and Richard Gadze is expected to join the team just before the start of the new season.

Florent Malouda Is Back


Florent Malouda after having  a very successful spell with Wadi Delga FC will be back in the Den this season, Just like Gadze he was also sent on a loan deal there which ended a few weeks ago. So it's clear that Florent is contracted to Delhi Dynamos and will be playing in ISL season 3!! 

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