Richard Gadze in HJK

Richard Gadze, the joint top scorer for Delhi Dynamos in the previous season, currently on loan to HJK has become regular in the first team. The Ghanaian U-23 international has been showcasing some good performances lately.

The Lion has somehow  managed a clean sheet  but has surprised the fans with his skills, he did hit the post once and nutmegged defenders couple of times. The 43 numbered jersey player is developing as a completely different player, one we didn't see much last season and the fact that he is starting for the main team proves he is performing well also considering the fact that he is not playing his preferred position which is a center forward.

Not everything about Gadze's stint in HJK is positive, He looked nervous in his first few matches, maybe he is not getting enough support from his team and the senior players. Most of the time his teammates seem to deny him clear-cut chances to score due to which he is forced to take the solo option which has not  been the best for him. But he looks to have started bonding with the player and his performances will only improve.

When the lion returns from his HJK experience, he will be ready to set the league on fire and the fans would be expecting a blast from him.

Update: Times change, When I originally wrote this post-Gadze was performing well but now he's presenting great performances for HJK, further his teammates have started trusting him more only thing still lacking is a goal. You can watch videos of his performance on our Facebook page.

Gadze's recent match jersey No.43

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