Delhi Dynamos and the habit of being First

Delhi Dynamos have made a habit of doing things that no Indian football club has done before, Here is a list of  few of those achievements

First team to send its player on a loan transfer to a European club playing in Europa league

Richard Gadze to HJK Helsinki
Richard Gadze is currently enjoying a loan spell in Helsinki with HJK, and this transfer made him the first player to be loaned out to a club playing in the top flight of Europe. For more read the detailed article Richard Gadze in HJK.

 First team in history of  ISL to get transfer of a player directly from an EPL club

Adil Nabi on a loan from West Brom
 Adil Nabi became the first player in Indian Super League to be directly signed from a Premier league club, He managed to score 3 goals for Delhi Dynamos in the later part of the league.

First team in ISL to partner with a premier league club and have themselves advertised in a live match.

Delhi Dynamos on the hoardings 
 Delhi Dynamos made their presence felt during the match between West Brom and Manchester City match and in the process became the first club in ISL to do something like this.

First team to go on a pre-season and have friendlies with top division clubs like BK Hacken

Delhi Dynamos vs BK Hacken
 Delhi Dynamos were the only team during the pre-season of  2015 who were playing friendlies with top flight clubs who were far more stronger than them.

First team to Bring a real Real Madrid legend to ISL 

Roberto Carlos was Marquee manager of Delhi Dynamos
 Afer signing Alessandro Del Piero in the first season, Delhi upped their game in the second one when they signed Real Madrid legend Roberto Carlos as player-manager.

The first team to have Three Players worthy of being Marquee players playing in a single season


Roberto Carlos, Florent Malouda and John Arne Riise in Delhi Dynamos

Delhi Dynamos had tree players last season who were legendary enough to become a marquee signing for any ISL club.

First team to have their representative invited to the world soccer congress

Delhi Dynamos President with Real Madrid President
Delhi Dynamos were invited to the World Soccer Congress this year, The president went there as a representative of India football.

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