Where has Gustavo Dos Santos disappeared?

The Brazilian forward who wowed the fans during the last two seasons has disappeared completely from the net. Passionate fans like me have been googling his name every fortnight in a hope of finding some news about the youngster.

He last played a match for Luverdense in Brazil after being loaned out by his parent club Atletico Paraneanse, but due to some unknown reason he had to move from Luverdense to Sampaio Correa where he never featured in the starting line-up, he was last seen on 21st May as a substitution on the bench.

One could assume it's some injury which could have possibly occurred during training,  leading to wingers disappearance from the footballing scene for more two months now. Ever since he had signed for Sampaio Correa, it became incredibly difficult to follow him.

All this has created a doubt whether the sensational winger would return to ISL this season or not. As a fan, one could only hope for his well being and pray that he return to the Den again this season. After the signing of Pelissari his former teammate from his days at Atletico Parneanse, Dos Santos looks like a key to a possibly amazing partnership. He has to return at any cost.  

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