Richard Gadze might not return to Delhi Dynamos this season?

Richard Gadze, who was sent on a loan deal to HJK might not return to the Den this season. On May 13th this year it was announced that Richard Gadze will be heading to Helsinki to play for Finnish top flight club HJK.

It was a first of its kind transfer for any ISL team, on loan for 1 year. Richard Gadze has impressed a lot after coming back from an injury he sustained during the start of his stint. He has still not scored a single goal for the club even after coming very close time to time. But everything other than that has been top class, his passing, dribbling and ball control mixed with some good runs has only increased his value for the Helsinki side and us, the Dynamos fans.

Where is the problem then?

The problem comes when we look at the duration for which he was sent to the European club. If we go according to the news, his contract would be ending after December and till then ISL season 3 would be over. Only Delhi Dynamos officials can confirm whether he will return or not.

There is hope but very little, Richard Gadze has clearly become an important member of HJK squad and the coach has always shown trust in him, having him start in even the most important matches for the club shows his interest in the Ghanian forward. It would be very unlikely for them to release him for ISL if Gadze is contract bound to them.  

Richard Gadze seems to have a very bright future and big fans following, playing in Europe will be best for him but ISL can not be taken lightly, it has the potential to make careers and we have seen that in the case of Steven Mendoza. As fans, we can only hope for the best and be a little selfish(joke). 

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