How a fan feels about I-LEAGUE VS ISL, Who should win and Why?

I-League vs ISL has become a topic of debate between many football fans in India. Since Indian Super League's inauguration in 2014, I-League clubs have been against it. They boycotted it in the first season for reasons unknown due to which big names of Indian football were absent from the league. 

It seems unfair to some that ISL will be made the top tier of Indian football and League 1 the second tier without the luxury of getting promoted to ISL, AIFF suggested this plan and most of the football fans welcomed it with open hands but I-league clubs had something else in their mind.

I-League clubs are ignoring the positives in this, first of all, AIFF only suggested it they didn't impose it, second, they asked for suggestions from the clubs and according to my information no I-league club has till now given them one, I-league clubs are just worrying about surviving.

So how does this work?

As far as my understanding goes just by calling ISL the top tier of football doesn't make it one, I've been already reading articles in foreign media claiming ISL to be India's top tier, so the world already thinks ISL is India's top-tier football league.

But-But-But! this does not make League One any smaller, AIFF proposed that top ISL and league one clubs will clash  for places in AFC competitions, and here we go only the top tier clubs of a country play in AFC and whichever club will win whether it is from league 1 or ISL will be considered top tier.

The other thing is I-league clubs have a lot of history but not significant enough, they have not achieved any big feat during their long history, Some of them have not been able to even make a fan base despite being so old. The argument is they don't have money, no they have money but they lack vision. Let's take an example of BFC, this club is new but the owners have a vision they really want to do something good for Indian football they have actually managed to do it in their short history, they had a vision but other I-league clubs fail to even provide proper facilities to their players.

Now I-league clubs have competition and big clubs like Mohun Bagan and East Bengal have realized it but it is too late. Now the only thing that feels good for Indian football is I-league clubs accepting the proposal and giving ISL a chance to do something positive for Indian Football and the footballers.

Big money in ISL has attracted huge attention now and it will also profit League-1 clubs in the long run. When football becomes big in the county, ISL will open up to more and more clubs, and its will only take a few years for ISL clubs to start making a profit, then ISL can afford promotions and relegation first let the investment return.

This conflict needs to end quick or Indian football will suffer, It won't harm ISL that much but it will seriously affect I-league clubs. I-league clubs have been there done that  and now they should let ISL try, just for the sake of Indian football.

Furthur I have shared a post on my Facebook page in which Delhi United FC one of Delhi's top clubs have given some suggestions to AIFF and I-League clubs, you should go check that out.

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