Is Gianluca Zambrotta a perfect replacement for Roberto Carlos?

Gianluca Zambrotta is the new king, also known as "the mermaid", Zambrotta will bring lots more than his good looks to the Den.

 But what will he bring with him? 

Gianluca just like Roberto Carlos before him, comes in with comparably less managing experience, but does that really matter? It didn't in the case of Roberto Carlos and the same case could apply to Zambrotta as well.

His experience as a player with top clubs like FC Barcelona, Juventus, and AC Milan add more value to him. Just like Roberto, he played with and against the best players in the world winning big titles in the process. Other than that the World Cup winner also played under world class coaches and that experience is invaluable.

So what can we assume?

To me, it's obvious that the new king will bring his attacking mindset to his team just like Roberto Carlos did last season. The good thing about him would be his obsession of winning, the common thing most top players have. So, under him, lions will try to win every  match regardless of its importance.

He has started building a squad, Dynamos have given him a clean slate, and now it's his choice who he wants to sign. He has to make a team for himself and the fans, it will interesting to see who Delhi signs next. Zambrotta will surely add some Italian flavour by bringing some Italians to the Den. It will also be interesting to see  what style of football Delhi Play's under him.

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