5 reasons why you should support Delhi Dynamos?

Delhi Dynamos have undoubtedly become one of the most popular clubs in India and not only India, people from all over the globe come rolling in due to its popularity across the globe. If you are not yet supporting them then here are five reasons to support Delhi Dynamos.

Cool President 


 Delhi Dynamos could not have got any better president than Prashant Agarwal. He has clearly shown his ambitions for the club. Recently he became the first and only Indian club owner to represent his club in World soccer congress.

Classy signings  

Who was the face of Indian Super league in the inaugural season? Alessandro Del Piero from Delhi Dynamos, Who was the Biggest name in ISL's second season? Roberto Carlos from Delhi Dynamos FC and then there were John Arne Riise and Florent Malouda. other than those legendary players the lions had Gustavo Dos Santos the magician with his dribbling skills stole the show in both the seasons.

Rarely loose at home

Last season the lions only lost one game in their Den that too because of the heroic Brace scored by Romeo who denied Delhi from winning their first match against the Gaours. Other than that Delhi has rarely lost on their home ground, they always somehow come out with a goal to either win or at least draw the game and its one of the few reasons why Delhi fans have always increased in the den.


Only football club in Delhi at top tier

Delhi has lacked a football club to support for really long. In 2014 they finally got one club they could cheer and that too a special one, despite high ticket prices in the inaugural season and all the difficulties in booking tickets online Delhi has always had a good crowd coming to the Den.

Gustavo Dos Santos

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Delhi famously known as the Lions Den has always been a noisy place during Delhi's home fixtures but one player that always manages to turn up the volume is Gustavo Marmentini Dos Santos. He doesn't need an introduction if your watch ISL you know him and his skills.

 Just watch the video and share this blog, wait for the next post until then Keep coming Back.



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