Delhi Dynamos - It is not just about this season

Delhi Dynamos went into the draft empty handed,  leaving behind players like Anas Edathodika, Souvik Chakraborty, Kean Lewis and Milan Singh. While some considered it a very smart decision because they could enter the draft in the first round and get their hands on the best in demand Indian goalkeepers, at the same time it was equally risky to leave behind an tested winning team.

But the situation was different this time, with Gianluca Zambrotta deciding to leave Delhi Dynamos for Chinese Super League, Delhi was only left with two options. After bringing Miguel Angel Portugal as their new coach they could have either let coach Miguel Portugal to scout and handpick his own squad according to his style and philosophy or go with the second option which was to play with a team tailor made for Zambrotta to suit his style of play.

The Lions obviously had to go for the former, which was to let Miguel choose his own team even if it meant not retaining star players like Marcelinho, Anas, Kean, and Tebar. But that's not it, Delhi had some bigger plans in mind.

After partnering with Aspire Academy they made it clear that their main goal is the betterment of Indian football and they wanted to emulate something like Pillan Arrows. They went on prove it in the draft when they drafted young talents like Pritam Kotal, Chhangte, Vinit Rai and Romeo Fernandes. The average age of DDFC squad after the draft was 24 years which was pretty young.

Now Delhi Dynamos are left with young Indian talents and it's time to build a team of some experienced foreigners around them, who would highlight their skills and guide them to the right path.

Club Director Mr. Rohan Sharma revealed his vision in his tweets while talking to the fans on twitter.

  The Author's Take

Delhi Dynamos have had 3 different coaches, three different teams who played three different styles of football. No player except Souvik Chakraborty has played more than three seasons in Delhi Dynamos shirt, so one thing is certain Delhi Dynamos are not new to this type of situation.

Every year they have outperformed the previous team and have been a consistent team despite having different players and this season is no different. With different coaches come different players and different style but the Lions are always the Lions.

Hopefully, this was the last player draft and this young Indian team would go on to be lions for a very long time. The fans have to put faith in the coach and the management and hope for the best.

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