Reason behind Prashant Agarwal's departure?

Prashant Agarwal's departure from the club came in as a shock to everyone, for the first couple of days fans were left to wonder why Prashant decided to leave, Prashant clarified the situation with an emotional message for both the Delhi Dynamos family and fans.

 Tweets and messages flooded in for the former President. Anas, Souvik, Florent Malouda, Toni Doblas, Ruben Roca and Robin Singh expressed their shock and wished Prashant all the best for his future.

In his message, Prashant says that "Even though I wouldn't want to go, However recent acts of the new investors have left me with no option ", this statement is enough for anyone to understand what must have happened.

So, before the third season of Indian Super League started, Den who was the sole stakeholder of Delhi Dynamos FC, sold 55% of their equity stake to GMS, and in November 2016 they further sold an additional 25% stake which meant that GMS now owned 80% of the share in the club.

Rohan Sharma, the new Director, and co-owner of Delhi Dynamos said in a recent interview to Indian Express that the club is not just about just one person, and the Delhi Dynamos fans deserve more than just reaching the semi-finals. He was also not impressed with clubs commercial progress and how everything was organized.

The club is currently undergoing lots of changes, many new faces are about to be introduced including our new President, as fans, we can only hope everything goes well and as planned so that we can start roaring again.

It's hard to imagine what Delhi Dynamos would look like without Prashant Agarwal but both him and the new owners wish that we prosper as a club and reach new heights.

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