Kerala Blasters FC vs Lions

Delhi Dynamos has played the beautiful game more beautifully than any other team in the league, players like Marcelineho, Malouda, Gadze and Kean have stolen the limelight but behind them had been an equally brilliant set of players who have played like they were on a mission.

A mission to win every game, they never let anyone dominate them and whenever the opposition has asked a question the Lions have replied with a Roar, a Roar capable of tearing apart any defense in the league.

Unbeaten at home, the only team to have achieved this feat this season, they move on to fight a team with the biggest set of fans, Kerala Blasters. 

The first leg of the semifinals is at Kochi, where the fans will try their best to make it hard for Delhi but I'm sure it's going to bring the best out of the lions, the second leg is in the den which is good as
Delhi will have home support to finish things off.

Kerala would be high on confidence as they have had back to back wins, CK Vineeth is on fire but so are M2KG of Delhi. It's going to be one hell of a fight and the best will come out as the winner.

We are at a point where what we did is history which will soon be forgotten and what we do will create history which will remain forever.

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