The reason why we will not see Samir Nabi this season!

Delhi announced the signing of the West Bromwich U-18 team top scorer Samir Nabi on the historic day when we played West Brom in a friendly.

Samir Nabi who coincidently is the brother of Adil nabi who played and scored three goals for us last season is now missing from the squad, just like most people I was also wondering the reason behind that and now it seems clear why he was released from the squad.

An  ISL team can have max 25 players including one marquee, 21 regular players, and three extra signings. We already had 24 players, so Delhi had the option to choose from Samir and Alwyn and they choose the latter, and even though it seems a little bit harsh, it was a smart move from the Lions management.

Zambrotta would have thought that keeping a young Indian signing would be better than keeping a less experienced foreign player for whom it would have been almost impossible to make it to the starting eleven where he would face tough competition from foreign players like Tebar and Florent Malouda.

Alwyn George would be a good signing and it would allow Zambrotta  to use more foreign players in different positions. He would be a good competition to Milan singh in the midfield after he returns from his parent club Bengaluru FC. He will be match fit and mentally ready after competing in AFC cup with Bengaluru. We would surely miss seeing the talented player in Samir Nabi.

We are looking strong this season, we are organized and doing good in every aspect now the only thing we need is consistency. After the first big win, we have drawn two matches which we should have won. Now we have to defeat Mumbai City FC to make sure Northeast stays within our reach.

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